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Estate Planning

We provide the following legal services and more:

  • Trusts

  • Wills

  • Durable Powers of Attorney

  • Advance Health Care Directives

  • Guardian Nominations for Minor Children

  • Deeds to transfer property to your Trust


We provide legal assistance to individuals navigating the probate process including:

  • Filing Petitions for Probate to obtain Letters of Administration/Testamentary (and the entire probate process)

  • Heggstad Petitions

  • Spousal Property Petitions

  • Small Estate Affidavits

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Trust Administration

We provide legal services to Trustees, to fulfill

their fiduciary duty upon the death of a

Settlor (Trustor), including: 

  • Trustee Notification requirement

  • Dealing with Creditors

  • Trust Accountings

  • Distribution of Assets including Real Property

  • Prop. 13/19 Transfers


We provide legal services for the establishment and management of conservatorship, including:


  • Filing Petitions for Conservatorship (and the entire Conservatorship process)

  • Conservatorship Reports and Accountings

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Fiduciary and Concierge Services

We assist in managing assets and making decisions for clients with utmost trust. We also offer concierge services as personalized support for non-core tasks, enhancing clients' quality of life through services like lifestyle management, aiming to save time and provide tailored solutions.

Business Formation

We assist individuals and entities in establishing and structuring new businesses in compliance with legal requirements. These services include entity selection (e.g., LLC, corporation), drafting and filing necessary documents, compliance with local regulations, and providing legal guidance throughout the formation process.

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